Important Terms To Understand About Raising Chickens

Raising chickens is extremely enjoyable and incredibly rewarding. They’re excellent pets and are unfortunately underrated and not considered as original choices by people seeking to purchase pets. They’re extremely friendly, deliver new eggs and make anglers. Your chickens will purify your plants and destroy insect and bugs in your lawn for you. I’ve assembled a list of frequent words used when speaking about chickens that are going to be important to learn whether you’re getting into the superb world of poultry rising.

Bantam – A little chicken that is about half the size of ordinary chicken breeds. These are usually raised for decorative reasons.

Bedding – The principal reason for bedding on your chicken coop will be to consume the chicken droppings and their odor. You’ll also need something gentle that can cushion the eggs as they’re set from the chickens. It’s possible to use wood shavings, paper, hay or other absorbent and soft materials.

Brood – Hens incubating their chicks or a flock of baby chicks.

Candling – The procedure for working with a candle or light bulb to glow through an egg to learn if it’s fertilized or not. If you do not have a rooster you won’t need to be worried about eggs being fertilized, but if you do you are going to wish to have the ability to divide the eggs you can sell or eat along with the eggs that are going to be keeping chicken.

Capon – A castrated rooster.

Cockerel – A young rooster.

Comb – The rubbery, horizontal piece that is in addition to the chicken’s head. Roosters generally have bigger combs compared to hens.

Coop – A chicken home.

Dust Bath – If chickens dig a pit in the floor and climb in. They’ll get themselves fine and dirty to shield themselves from fleas and lice that will feed their own blood.