Lol: Living Rated Solo Queue

Play “OP” Victor

On a short tangent, I consider it will go without saying when you would like to play rated, you need to need to play with League of Legends competitively, at least to a point. With which you’ve some expertise you need to thus play winners. With that stated, there will generally be some winners at just about any certain time that can be understood to be especially powerful (AKA “OP”) in the present meta, and aggressive gamers should at least make an effort to figure out how to play these winners.

Play Uncommon Victor

Playing uncommon winners is less clear guidance than enjoying “OP” winners, however there’s plenty of possible edge to be gained from enjoying winners that the competitors will not be accustomed to viewing. The one drawback that “OP” winners could frequently be thought to have is that a lot of players will probably be quite knowledgeable about their tips, but winners that view much less play can frequently catch players off-guard. That may only provide you with the advantage you’ll need.

Play Conservatively

That I think many would concur, that playing is great general guidance when it involves a great deal, and although I sense, I consider it’s very significant in regards to solo/duet queue because of staff morale. Many gamers you’ll encounter in rated could be called high strung or politely explained using lots of language that’ll allow you to get a Tribunal situation. Preventing high-risk plays can be a good initiative though there’s sometimes nothing you can do in order to prevent fury. To those of you who are thinking “But, Xavier, how to take this group of brainless monkeys easily do not play vigorously and snowball so difficult that I win on my own?” Well, my young padawan, you have to realize that aggression results in overconfidence; dumb errors cause anguish; and overconfidence results in dumb errors. This is the route to the dark aspect of solo queue.