Mexico Beaches – Playa Del Carmen And Cozumel

Mexico has amazing beaches on both the Pacific Ocean and Caribbean. In this guide, we look at two hot spots on the east beach – Playa del Carmen and Cozumel

Playa del Carmen

With one of the greatest beaches in the Caribbean coast, Playa del Carmen was the hidden jewel of Mexico for many, many years. About a decade ago, the word got out and Playa del Carmen is bursting. In case you’re searching for privacy, this isn’t the location with cruise boats and so on packaging the location during high season. On the flip side, this is certainly the location if you enjoy a good deal of “hotel” on your beach vacation.

Playa del Carmen has a great deal to offer to people. Obviously, the beaches are amazing and I highly recommend you catch the sunrise, which can be a number of Mother Nature’s best work. Staying up shouldn’t really be an issue because the nightlife in Playa del Carmen is abundant.

Throughout the daytime, you can loaf on the beach or venture outside for a few diving into the clear waters of the Caribbean. In the event you get tired of this beach, you can go inland for a few astonishingly quality trekking.


An island off the Yucatan Peninsula, Cozumel is a piece of Caribbean paradise. With sleek, crystal clear waters, Cozumel gets the white beaches you see in the Corona beer advertisements. On the island appropriate, an individual can loaf on the beach, pursue world class diving or simply loaf on the beach. Dolphin petting and sitting at the pajamas of Xal-Hal are touristy, but things to do in cozumel. Though Cozumel is on cruise ship circuit, it preserves the relaxed setting located in cities that are smaller in the Mexican Riviera.

Unfortunately, Cozumel was from the information through a lot of this previous week of October 2005 since Hurricane Wilma pounded it. Given a couple of months, Cozumel will probably be on the repair and also a fantastic location since costs will definitely be reduced to draw visitors.